February 2023

An introduction to Visa by White Hat Gaming Casinos

White Hat Gaming Casino Sites Accepting Visa

Pretty much every online casino will accept a form of Visa. This could be Visa Debit or Credit Card if outside the UK. Below is a selection of casinos accepting deposits via your Visa card that are part of the White Hat Gaming network.

List of Visa online sites

  • Dream Jackpot

Summing up Visa by White Hat Gaming Casinos

Visa Inc is an international financial services company, based in California in the United States. Launched by Bank of America in 1958, it enables money transfers and transactions to be made just about everywhere on the planet. It is best known for its Visa debit and credit card brand. It has one main rival, MasterCard, and these two brands together have a virtual monopoly on card transactions throughout the world.

Visa – History in the United Kingdom

The history of Visa in the United Kingdom really begins as long ago as the 1960s, although over this side of the pond, it was known as Barclaycard. Originally, it was purely used as a charge card, but the service was later extended. This meant that in 1967, it became the United Kingdom’s very first proper credit card, as we now understand them. Previously, only charge cards were available in the UK, such as Diners Club and American Express.

The Visa credit card was followed a few years later by perennial rivals MasterCard, although this too was launched under an alternative brand, called Access. The Visa network was further expanded in 1976, when many other banks began to issue their own cards under the same umbrella, partly to compete with its newer competitor.

The Visa brand has been a mainstay of the international banking system ever since, and remains probably the most well-known and widely used plastic card brand to this day. Its rival MasterCard continues to fight for top spot, and joins other renowned brand battles such as that between Apple and Microsoft and Coca-Cola and PepsiCo in a seemingly never ending battle for supremacy.

Visa Inc, the current owners of the Visa brand, remain one of the biggest financial brands in the world. In 2018, the last year for which full figures are available at the time of writing, the company declared earnings of over $10 billion. These were based on total revenues of around $21 billion, which is not a bad profit margin. Then again with interest rates charged on credit currently running more than 15% above the typical rate of inflation and typical bank lending rates running at 0.5% or less, this is not particularly surprising.

Visa Inc was valued at around $280 billion the same year, with its share price valued at the time of writing at close to $200.

Visa and UK Registered Casinos

Recent years have seen a considerable tightening of regulations regarding the use of credit cards to make payments on United Kingdom registered online casinos. The UK government’s official gambling regulator the Gambling Commission (UKGC) has severely restricted the use of credit to fund gambling, and this applies to online gaming too. In fact, only Visa credit cards can be used by Non-UK based players. All forms of credit cards are now banned for UK players.

At the time of writing, only Visa debit cards can be used for this purpose and it is extremely unlikely that this situation will change in the foreseeable future. However, Visa debit cards continue to be accepted at all online casinos licenced for the UK market. This of course includes White Hat Gaming casinos, where Visa debit cards remain one of the most popular ways of paying for your play online.

More Details

  • Dream Jackpot

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