A Detailed Look into White Hat Gaming Casinos

With so many online casinos now available for players to choose from, it is becoming more and more difficult for new titles to break into the market. Established, big name and big money operators already dominate this increasingly mature market. This means that any prospective newcomers, or existing operators who want to break the stranglehold of the big beasts, had better be at the top of their game.

But if any company can achieve this demanding requirement, it is surely White Hat Gaming. This up and coming online casino platform design company is one of the fastest growing around. With more than twenty excellent white hat casinos already launched on this platform, this innovative, energetic operation is already forging a considerable reputation with industry insiders and players alike.

Any prospective online casino owner will be looking for an efficient, experienced and exceptional platform designer to provide them with a fast starting, smooth running operation. White Hat Gaming can offer them a cost effective and flexible solution. And for their players, White Hat can supply a superb range of well over a thousand different games to choose from. These games are of the very highest quality too, available via the company's licencing deals with dozens of the very best gaming software providers the industry has to offer.

Top White Hat Gaming Sites for Mar 2024

So, who and what are White Hat Gaming casino sites, and where have they come from?

The story begins in 2012, when founder and current global CEO Max Wright saw a potential opening in the European online gaming market. He had previously been working as a casino operator in South Africa, but the 2008 financial crash hit hard even in the southern hemisphere. Online gambling is sometimes considered to be a little protected from recession - everyone wants to have at least some fun, even when times are hard, but his investors were suffering, and hence his company ran short of funds. The restructuring which became necessary was hard but successful.

Nevertheless, Max was itching for more. He already had hands-on casino operations experience, having also been a casino site operator with Microgaming since 2006. His work in South Africa, together with the insight afforded him by running his own casino meant that he was keen to expand his reach by creating his own casino platform.

Max saw an opportunity closer to home in the United Kingdom, and soon set up his new venture. Originally known as Caddell Limited, the company soon assumed its new trading name, White Hat Gaming. Using lessons Max had learned from the restructuring of his South African operation, he started small, with a tight but loyal team of financial and technology experts running a very tight ship - thereby keeping costs to a minimum. These were mostly friends and associates he had worked with during his time in South Africa.

Backed up by the confidence of his English boarding school background and his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, Max's industry contacts and networking skills enabled him to build a tremendous team back in the northern hemisphere, which enabled his new company to grow.

Early launches included both bingo and White Hat Gaming casinos. Development was slow at first, but as the first bingo and casino titles rolled off the production line and began to thrive, the reputation of his new company started to build. White Hat Gaming casinos are now expanding at a rapid rate, as casino operators rush to sign up to the new platform and players continue to enjoy the variety and excitement of the company's portfolio of games.

The company is by no means a one man show. His support team are long standing and valued colleagues who provide a diversity of talents which allow White Hat Gaming to thrive. South African national Phil Gelvan is operational CEO. His background lies in software operations and marketing - an ideal skill set for a casino platform design company. He has international experience too. In addition to his South African business background, he has also worked for NextGen Gaming in Sydney, Australia before re-locating to Europe in 2016.

Meanwhile, Thomas Giles looks after the financial side of things. This ex-hedge fund analyst and portfolio manager is the company's Chief Financial Officer. Steve Sowerby looks after all the IT issues as Chief Technical Officer, while Marc Weinberg looks after the marketing side.

Max's somewhat unconventional style of hiring his mates to run his company with him has certainly paid off so far. The company is almost entirely management funded, with Max and his executives holding the majority of the White Hat's share capital. A minority stake is retained by venture capital outfit Galbraith Ventures.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that his lean but talented, tight knit team is responsible for a highly successful operation, but what exactly does White Hat Gaming offer, and what makes it so attractive to both casino operators and their players?

What to expect from a White Hat Gaming Casino

For casino operators, White Hat Gaming offers a service which is totally comprehensive, yet flexible too. Casino owners can select from a full suite of services when they choose this company's platform. They get a tried and tested format, customised to their own requirements and brand. The flexibility comes with deciding whether to go for the full hosting package, or to pick and mix the services provided.

With full hosting, operators are provided with all the services required to run a successful casino. Everything is taken care of. This includes licencing arrangements, site software development, and payment processing and other financial services. Fraud and other risks are covered by the security team and a customer services operation team is provided for the casino's players, should any issues or problems arise. Even VIP management is looked after.

Marketing services can also be provided, including strategic brand management, and a full suite of data services to maximise player satisfaction and retention. Plus operators can choose their games from the any or all of the dozens of leading gaming software suppliers which White Hat Gaming has licencing agreements with. Casino owners can also choose to offer a sportsbook service via White Hat's licencing agreement with sportsbook provider Kambi.

But many casino operators prefer to deal with some of these areas in house, rather than outsource them to the platform provider. With White Hat Gaming, this is not a problem at all. By choosing a non-hosted package, operators can choose to devise their own marketing strategy and promotions; maybe run their own customer support service and / or manage their own risks by employing a dedicated fraud security team. They can even add on their own additional gaming facilities, such as an alternative bespoke sportsbook operation.

Whichever option is chosen, it all adds up to an efficient, cost effective, totally flexible way to get any operator's casino online quickly: from the design board to platform to player in as short a time as possible.

All this expertise and efficiency adds up to great entertainment for players too. The sheer range of well over a thousand potential games to play is an eye-catching advantage for a start. The games on offer are indeed superb, but with White Hat Gaming casino sites, players can also rely on a smooth running experience, excellent payment and withdrawal facilities and a superb customer support service too. Help is available round the clock, every day of the year, via e-mail or live chat.

White Hat Gaming Today

Today, the company continues to thrive, with more White Hat Gaming casinos being launched on a regular basis. Further casino sites are expected to be launched soon, as the company's growth brings it into further competition with the big beasts of the online gaming industry. Meanwhile, the company's original interests in Bingo are being slowly wound down. Several closed in August 2017, and it appears that any remaining bingo titles will shortly follow as resources are focused on casino operations.

As is often the case with companies working within the online casino industry, precise ownership details can be opaque, with most companies registered overseas for tax purposes. The original trading name for White Hat Gaming, Caddell Limited N.V. remains registered on the Dutch administered Caribbean island of Curacao.

Nevertheless, whatever the tax man assumes, for the purposes of both its operators and players, White Hat Gaming is based on the Mediterranean island of Malta. It is here that the company is licenced, via the Malta Gaming Authority. This arrangement means that its licenced casinos are also fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so they can be regarded as safe to play for players based within the United Kingdom.

The company's headquarters are based in Mosta, not far from the island's capital, Valetta. It is here that most of the company's employees are based, with around 250 people on the books in total. White Hat Gaming also operate a large office based in London in the United Kingdom, plus several satellite operations based on the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar, in Chicago in the United States and in Cape Town, South Africa